Wyman-Gordon Grafton, MA: Overview

Best-In-Class Forging Solutions

Grafton, MAWyman-Gordon's North Grafton, Massachusetts, forging facility is a trusted supplier of highly-engineered, closed and open-die titanium, steel and nickel-based forgings.  Our diverse capabilities fulfill the critical requirements of aerospace, energy, and military OEMs globally.

With some of the largest and most capable forging equipment in the world, combined with modern design, modeling and simulation capabilities, provide timely, creative, and high-quality solutions to the most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Wyman-Gordon's North Grafton facility is part of the family of Wyman-Gordon forging facilities across North America and the UK.  Together, the complementary capabilities of each provide the full spectrum of forging, capabilities and options for customer requirements. 

About Us

About UsOriginally founded in 1883 in Worcester, MA, the Wyman-Gordon Company boasts more than 125 years of forging experience and first manufactured forgings for the aerospace industry during WWI. Recognizing the need for more expansive heavy manufacturing capabilities to support larger and more advanced aircraft designs, the Department of Defense built the forging facility now located in North Grafton, MA in 1946, equipping it initially with an 18,000 ton closed-die press. In 1953, the facility was expanded to include the 35,000 and 50,000 ton presses in what was referred to as the “Air Force Heavy Press Program”. From this program’s inception, Wyman-Gordon was chosen to operate the North Grafton facility due to the company’s long-term experience and reputation in the industry. In 1988, Wyman-Gordon purchased the facility outright from the U.S. Government and ran it as a private company until 1999 when Wyman-Gordon was acquired by Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC).

Today, Wyman-Gordon has diversified its product portfolio beyond military applications to include forgings for many civil airliner and power generation applications. The 50,000 ton press is the largest operating in North America and is considered a strategic national industrial asset due to its essential nature in supporting various critical military aircraft production programs.