Wyman-Gordon Houston, TX: Capabilities


Wyman-Gordon Capabilities
Wyman-Gordon Capabilities
Wyman-Gordon Capabilities
29,000 Ton Closed-Die
20,000 Ton Multi Ram Press
35,000 Ton Vertical Extrusion Press

At the heart of the forging operations at Wyman-Gordon Houston, are the 29,000-ton closed-die press, the 20,000-ton press with side and piercing rams, and the 35,000-ton extrusion press which is complimented by a 14,000-ton press.

The 29,000-ton press handles a great array of our forging projects. Coupled with a large rotary furnaces, the 29,000-ton press maintains high productivity with enhanced run rates and two high capacity 35 foot rotary hearth furnaces.  It is primarily utilized for finish forge operations.  Its computer controlled movement and data acquisition enhances its design flexibility with ram speeds up to 200 ipm.

The side and piercing rams on the 20,000-ton press allow it to handle specialized products not possible on other presses. The 20,000-ton press provides high output for turbine disk and shaft projects, and it has specialized value in the production of valve bodies, landing gear, and ordinance parts.

The 35,000-ton press is primarily utilized for producing vertical extrusions of seamless pipe and extra-large die forgings that require greater tonnage than the other presses can accommodate. The 35,000-ton press also has the unique capability for powder metal compaction and billet conversion.


  • Wyman-Gordon HoustonForgings from 50 pounds to 5,000 pounds
  • Press size from 2,500 to 35,000 tons
    • Closed-Die Forgings
    • Seamless Pipe Extrusions 
  • Extruded Pipe and Powder Billet
  • Heat Treatment
  • Forging Machining
    • Rough and Target Machining
  • Die Machining
    • New Die Sinking
    • Existing die modification and refurbishment
  • NDT
    • Sonic Inspection
  • 3D Forging Surface Scanning


  • Titanium
  • Nickel-Based Superalloys
  • Steel Alloys