Wyman-Gordon Houston, TX: Technical Information

Finished Product Inspection
Isothermal Forging
Finished Product Inspection
Isothermal Forging

Advanced Engineering

At Wyman-Gordon Houston, we continue to lead the industry in applying materials and forging expertise to challenges presented by our customers. Our engineers employ finite element analysis of our forging and heat treatment process to support customized forging designs, predict design constraints and reduce product introduction costs and cycle time.

Advanced Product Development

Wyman-Gordon Houston has a dedicated Advanced Product Development facility for researching applied technology, development testing, and customization of processes. The ADP department has a 2,500 ton press used not only for internal process development but also for customer-sponsored projects. The press is capable of producing hot die forgings, isothermally forged components, and extrusions.


  • AS9100
  • ISO9001

Plant Size

  • 1,250,000 Square Feet (116,125 Square Meters)
  • 669 Employees