Wyman-Gordon Houston (Monterrey, Mexico): Capabilities

Wyman-Gordon Monterrey employees are highly skilled and all complete rigid training exercises prior to working in production. Along with job specific instructions employees are required to pass a suite of training modules that cover topics ranging from safety to part quality. One of Wyman-Gordon Monterrey’s strengths is the requirement for cross training between different equipment types which has created a diversely skilled group.

Wyman-Gordon Monterrey expands Wyman-Gordon Houston’s machining capabilities with:

  • 15 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Large Vertical Turret Lathes (VTL)
  • 18 CNC small VTLs
  • 12 CNC horizontal lathes
  • 2 horizontal 5A lathes
  • 47 spindles in operation
  • 2 Coordinate Meaasure Machines (CMMs)