Wyman-Gordon Pennsylvania: Overview

Wyman-Gordon Pennsylvania, is an industry leader in the production of flash welded and cold-rolled rings and cases for gas turbines. State of the art forming, welding, and sizing equipment are utilized to produce superior quality components which consistently meet or surpass aerospace standards. We supply major engine programs worldwide with near-net-shape rings and cases.

Wyman-Gordon Pennsylvania is the only manufacturer of flash welded rings to incorporate full CNC controlled welders. This enables us to offer our customers a level of weld integrity that is unsurpassed in the aerospace industry.

We also produce engine rings and cases using our proprietary Tru-Form™ manufacturing process. The Tru-Form process utilizes flash welded, seamless rings as starting pre-forms, and employs a unique cold-rolling process to closely follow finished part configurations. The near-net-shape ring technology is accepted throughout the industry. This innovative rolling and forming technique has significantly improved over the years and, coupled with the latest technological advances, provides exceptional savings and value to our customers.

We specialize in small production runs and continually work to reduce lead times so we can be most responsive to changing customer schedules. Our experience with small production runs also allows us to efficiently develop small quantities of prototype parts for engine development applications.

Wyman-Gordon Pennsylvania