Wyman-Gordon Arcturus, Oxnard, CA: Overview

Oxnard PlantWyman-Gordon - Arcturus Manufacturing has come a long way since 1937. The tin shed and air driven hammer, we had in Santa Monica, were pretty humble compared with our present facility. Located in Oxnard, California, since 1964, specializing in the manufacture of closed die forgings for the aerospace industries, Wyman-Gordon - Arcturus has continued to modernize and expand its operations to keep pace with the ever changing complexities required in today's market.

The company's capabilities and growth do not stop there. In addition to increasing our quality, metallurgical and design capabilities, Arcturus is and will continue to embrace Lean Production Initiatives, using such techniques as Six Sigma, Taguchi, Kaizen and Kanban principles. These concepts are being implemented to assure Wyman-Gordon - Arcturus's success in an increasingly competitive and changing market, and providing our customers with only the finest quality products, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Wyman-Gordon - Arcturus Manufacturing Corporation looks forward to supplying all of your forging requirements.