Wyman-Gordon Arcturus, Oxnard, CA: Products

Wyman-Gordon - Arcturus Manufacturing forges a variety of materials, including titanium, nickel alloys, and carbon, alloy and stainless steel.  Our closed-die forgings range in size from a few pounds to more than 3,600 pounds.  The variety of forged materials supports most U.S. Military aerospace programs, as well as commercial transports, space vehicles, and satellites.
  • APU Exhaust Door Shaft Assembly 13-8 PH Stainless Steel (6lbs)
  • C-17 Horizontal Stabilizer Outer Pivot Support - Ti-6Al-4V (28lbs)
  • C-17 Support Spindle Latch - Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al (18lbs)
  • C-17 Outer Elevator Support Hinge - 13-8 PH Stainless Steel (215lbs)
  • F15 Horizontal Stabilizer Connecting Link - Ti-6Al-4V (59lbs)
  • Satellite Propellant Tank Hemisphere - Ti-6Al-4V (up to 42" diameter)
  • Helicopter Forging - Lead Lag Link - Ti-6Al-4V