Wyman-Gordon UK Livingston: Overview

Wyman-Gordon’s Livingston facility, located in Scotland, UK, supplies forged products globally to the aerospace and energy markets. It has a unique 30,000 ton Hydraulic multi ram closed-die press at the heart of the operation, which is supported by Heat Treatment, Material Handling, Die & Tool Machining and Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection facilities.

The 30,000 ton press is capable of multi-directional piercing and hot die forging of Aerospace, Powergen, Oil & Gas and Nuclear components (asymmetric forgings, discs, seamless extruded pipe, valve bodies and hollow forged T’s). It is the largest of its type in Europe, forging at temperatures of up to 1200°c. The 9,000 ton pre-forming press prepares the billet for the closed die forging process, ensuring a continuous smooth operation. CNC technology ensures repeatability throughout the entire forging operation.

Wyman-Gordon Livingston

About Us

Cameron Iron Works was co-founded in Houston, Texas in 1921, by two Scots-Americans, Harry Cameron and Jim Abercrombie.  In 1964, they established a Forging operation in Livingston serving the UK and European market. The site cost £12M ($18M) to build and equip becoming fully operational in 1966. The unique 30,000 ton press was installed at this time.

Cooper Industries purchased Cameron Iron Works in 1991 and split the business, transferring a portion of the business to France.  In 1994, Wyman-Gordon purchased the strongly performing Forged Products Division in Livingston. At the end of 1999, Wyman-Gordon was acquired by Precision Castparts Corporation.


Today the Livingston Facility works in unison with sister plants in Lincoln, UK, and Plzen, Czech Republic, to provide a diverse range of machined forgings serving customers globally.  The Livingston Facility also produces finished seamless pipe for the energy markets worldwide.