Wyman-Gordon UK Livingston: Technical Information


  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100
  • TUV Approvals for pipe applications
  • HAF for Chinese nuclear pipe applications
  • PRI-NADCAP special approvals for heat treat, penetrant & chemical processing & Mag particle inspection


  • Heat Treatment Modeling Techniques
  • Forge 2 & Q Form 2D & 3D - Full forging and tool design simulation
  • Pro-Engineer for CAD and CNC Programming

Forging & Manufacturing

The 30,000 ton press, with two 5,000 ton side rams and a 6,000 ton piercing needle, is capable of multi-directional piercing and hot die forging of Aerospace, Powergen, Oil & Gas and Nuclear components (asymmetric forgings, discs, seamless extruded pipe, valve bodies and hollow forged T’s). It is the largest of its type in Europe, forging at temperatures up to 1200°c.

A 3 station 9,000 Ton pre-forming press prepares the billet for the closed die forging process and ensures a continuous smooth operation.  The entire forging operation is process controlled using CNC technology to ensure repeatability.