Wyman-Gordon Plzen Machining: Products

The Plzen Machining and Ultrasonic Testing Facility is located in the Czech Republic just outside Prague, and is a 'state-of-the-art' facility built in 2001.

This facility has a large machine shop comprising numerous Computer Numerical Controlled Vertical Boring Mills, capable of machining disc and ring components ranging from 100mm diameter up to 2.5m diameter to exacting tolerances for machining operations required before and after Ultrasonic testing.  The immersion Ultrasonic inspection facility is one of the largest Aerospace-qualified facilities in Europe.  Forgings produced by Wyman-Gordon Livingston and Lincoln are machined and tested in our Plzen facility but we also carry out this service for external customers.

Products include: Fan Discs, Rotor Discs, Compressor Discs, Turbine Discs, Turbine Shafts, Spacer Rings, Cover Plates


Ti 6-4
Ti 6246
Ti 6242
Ti 843
Ti 829
Ti 685
Ti 550

Trent 500
Optimized for the Airbus A340 Family

Inco 718
Inco 901
Incoloy 909
Waspaloy U720